Autumn Higgins

Born into a family of artists, my mother a painter, and my grandparents who have worked in ceramics for over 50 years, I understand the importance of art objects in one’s life, and it only seems natural that I go into the art field. Beginning with small projects in my grandparent’s studio I have always had an affinity for ceramics.

My serious interest in ceramics began at Southern Oregon University in 2004-2008. The influence of the many instructors who came through the ceramics department has given me a diverse ceramic education and helped me to develop a unique voice and style. In the summer of 2006 I apprenticed under the French potter Jean-Nicolas Gerard in Valensole, France. Spending long days in the studio, I gained technical skill doing production assistance and studio work for Mr. Gerard. This opportunity also provided time to develop my own work and ideas.

In 2010-2011 I studied at University of Florida as a Post-Bacc student. I enrolled in the Masters of Fine Arts program at Louisiana State University in 2011, where I studied with Andy Shaw and Michaelene Walsh  during the three year program which I completed in the spring of 2014.   I moved to Minneapolis, MN, in 2014 when I was awarded the Fogleberg Fellowship at Northern Clay Center. I have remained in Minneapolis and work as a studio artist, an art instructor at a k-8 school, and teach various College and community education art classes.